Lettre a moi-meme


The artist Patricia Dreyfus

A poetic visit to the Berlin studio “Linien83A” of artist Patricia Dreyfus.

These are not letters that the artist Patricia Dreyfus writes to herself – rather, she uses a language system with other (visual) signs to develop a system of order by artistic means that follows its own rules. She leaves its level of meaning and information content to the interpretation and perception of the viewer. According to the artist herself, the unpredictable plays a decisive role in the creation of her pictures. The work is closely influenced by the artist’s life and can be read as a kind of complex diary. Much remains unfamiliar and thus eludes clear interpretation. Rather, they are (physical) signs that leave clues in the present. Her pictures are drawn and stitched. She has only recently started working with stitching. Knowing her drawings, it is obvious that the traditional craft, formerly also called needle painting and to this day attributed to a rather female activity, can be seen as a consequence of her artistic practice: stitching as rebellion. Her thread is used in many different ways. Again and again, she thematizes female identities and confused gender relations.  (Excerpt from the exhibition text “Lette à moi-même #2” by curator Harald F. Theiss / Galerie Albrecht).

AUTHOR: Maria Seifert

CAMERA: Katja Gramke 

EDITING: Kornelius Glaser