Hospital at the limit


ZDF frontal (2021)

The ‘Ruppiner Kliniken’ northwest of Berlin. The largest university clinic of the Brandenburg Medical School provides care to a district that is struggling particularly hard with coronavirus in January 2021. The number of cases is as high as 450 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants.

Head physician Professor Karsten Weylandt and his team are battling the second wave. He has seen it coming and growing since Christmas. Until the summer of 2020, not a single patient died of coronavirus, but in January 2021 they are dying in droves, mainly elderly people with pre-existing conditions, patients over 80. The Ruppin coronavirus intensive care unit is a little quieter than usual during the filming period. The reason – several people died from the virus the night before filming began. Losing the fight – again and again, more and more often, that’s hard. Many find it hard to bear that they are only allowed to see their loved ones occasionally and only in the last hours before death. The only glimmer of hope: vaccination. If the virus and its mutations are not contained, hospitals and doctors are at risk of reaching their limits. Not only in Neuruppin.

Author: Kersten Schüßler

camera: Ulf Behrens

editing: Rainer Speidel

editor: Christian Rohde (ZDF)