Les missiles de l'incotrolable M. khadafi



A story that was hardly known until now and was subject to the greatest secrecy for a long time: Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi lured German rocket engineers to his country in the early 1980s to build launch vehicles for him. His goal was not civilian space travel, but a military application of this technology. A fatal game with fire began, in which a dozen technicians around the German rocket visionary Lutz Kayser suddenly found themselves. He had tested his satellite missiles in Zaire/Congo on a huge site the size of the former DDR, but had to withdraw after international protests. Gaddafi’s Libya became Kayser’s last chance – and his fiasco.

With numerous previously unpublished archive recordings and first-hand testimonies from contemporary witnesses, this documentary sheds light for the first time on an explosive chapter of recent history that was long unknown and subject to the greatest secrecy.

Authors: Kersten Schüßler, Oliver Schwehm

camera: Hermann Sowieja, Chris Rowe

Editing: Rainer Speidel

Speaker: Marina Behnke

editor: Barbara Schmitz (wdr/arte)