Data jungle

Fantastic freedom or smart slavery?

Zdf-zoom report (2017)

Every snapshot taken with a cell phone, every search for a restaurant, rental car, insurance rate, every scooter rental, every movement, bodily functions, our entire life is documented and stored. In China, the data provides real-time scoring of everyone, which the state transfers to a real-time control system, permanent penalties and rewards. What about us? Is there a way out of surveillance capitalism or are we, with our data egos, at the mercy of systems that we do not know and whose future intentions we cannot guess?

Can we still have a say in the data democracy we want to live in?

Author: Kersten Schüßler

camera: Ulf behrens

editing: Rainer Speidel

Graphics/Production: Tom Friedl

Editor: Nina Behlendorf (ZDF)