New economic miracles

Who wins the upswing

ZDF-Zeit documentary (2017)

In the late 1990s, Germany was considered the “sick man of Europe”, but after reunification, the country succeeded in creating a “new economic miracle”. “Who wins the upswing?” ask the authors Robert Wortmann and Kersten Schüßler. The documentary, produced in cooperation with “Der Spiegel”, explores the question of what mortgage for the future is associated with the upswing. Sparkling tax revenues, fabulous export profits and falling unemployment figures – Germany is doing better in 2017 than it has for a long time. At the same time, many are convinced that prosperity is unfairly distributed and that the upturn is not reaching everyone. “At the bottom, the escalators are going the wrong way, you have to work hard just to stay on the spot – but at the top, things keep going up effortlessly,” says sociologist Oliver Nachtwey.

Authors: Kersten Schüßler, Robert Wortmann

camera: Ulf Behrens, Alexis Jentsch,

David Karbowiak, Walter Marchi,

Christopher Rowe

Editing: Rainer Speidel

Editors: Udo frank, carolin reiher (ZDF)