CDU in crisis



In the Bundestag elections in September 2021, the CDU/CSU achieved its worst result in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. A downfall that is not only due to an unfortunate election campaign, but has deeper roots. The party that has provided the chancellor for 52 years since the founding of the Federal Republic is now in opposition, alongside the AfD and the Left Party. The documentary shows the CDU in a deep identity crisis. Does it want to be pro-business or pro-worker? Where does it stand on climate policy? How does it want to deal with refugees and voters on the far right in the future? Why is its base still predominantly male? Until now, the CDU has tried to unite conflicting interests as a people’s party. But is this still up to date? And what does “conservative” mean in 2022?

Authors: Bernd Benthin, Lars Seefeld
camera: Bernd Benthin, Lars Seefeld, Julien Prause
editing: Benno Frevert
editor: Ulrike Brödermann