Europe in transition

What happened to peace, joy and the spark of the gods?

ZDF-Zoom Reportage (2019)

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe is once again facing a turning point. This time there is no sign of peace, joy and the spark of the gods. More and more European citizens are struggling with a socially cold Europe.

ZDF-Zoom author Kersten Schüßler travels from Poland to Portugal and finds out: Trust in the political elites is dwindling at a breathtaking rate. Brexit is just the tip of the iceberg, almost everywhere the nation is being discovered as a warming room in a socially draughty continent. What is the price?

Author: Kersten Schüßler
camera: Ulf behrens
editing: Rainer Speidel
editor: Halim Hosny (ZDF)