The müllers and the high house

Democracy in turbulent times

phoenix/zdf documentary (2018)

Frank Müller-Rosentritt runs off, suddenly and surprisingly fast. His jacket blows, his tie dangles. “Hammelsprung” he shouts from the middle of the street. It doesn’t matter that the pedestrian lights are red. All that counts now is the sprint into the Reichstag to be counted as a vote. A scene that cannot be planned. For two years, the authors Lars Seefeldt and Bernd Benthin accompanied the daily work routine in the House with their VJ camera for this extraordinary 90-minute long-term documentary for phoenix. Old certainties are crumbling in the Bundestag, mainstream parties are losing ground, populists are making big gains. The AfD is provocatively questioning parliament, the party system and the press. The longing for simple answers is growing rapidly, while the challenges politicians and society are facing become even more complicated. How secure are the pillars of the republic? Is democracy in crisis?

Author: Bernd Benthin, Lars Seefeld

camera: Bernd Benthin, Thomas Frischhut, Maik Remmert,

Lars Seefeld

editing: Dirk schreier

editor: Henrik Wöhler